You might be wondering how to get verified on YouTube if you are a channel manager or creator on YouTube. A badge next to your channel name informs viewers that they are viewing the official version of your page.

So when your channel is verified, your viewers can see your YouTube channel verification. After that, you can easily buy YouTube views. You can avail of new features that can help your YouTube marketing strategy by verifying your account.

It's easy to get verified on YouTube. However, before you can apply, you'll need to meet a few conditions. We will talk about YouTube verification, its advantages, and the steps you need to take to get verified on YouTube in this post!

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What to Know About YouTube Verification?

If you have started your channel on YouTube, then you must be thinking about getting verified on YouTube. Right? First, you need to know what YouTube Verification is and how to get it.

The YouTube verification badge shows to the world that YouTube has verified your identity. Also, it shows that the platform gives your account the highest level of credibility. It's not for everyone. However, it is an important YouTube milestone for those who are eligible.

In reality, verification on YouTube refers to two basic concepts. Verifying your number with a code is the simplest form of YouTube verification. This guarantees that you are not a bot but a real person. Anyone can perform this type of verification on YouTube, which grants access to the following additional features:

What are the Advantages of YouTube Verification?

YouTube verification indicates that YouTube checked your profile and verified your authenticity. YouTube users can verify the legitimacy of their account once it has been verified. Even if you buy YouTube views, they can get verified.

YouTube channel verification and account verification can help you gain viewers' trust. A verified badge can help people feel more confident that they are receiving accurate information from a reliable source because it demonstrates that you are an official channel or account. YouTube verification also has the following advantages:

Make videos that are longer

By default, you can upload videos that last 15 minutes. However, verified accounts can upload videos that last longer.

YouTube Livestream

In order to live stream, your channel must be verified, and there must be no restrictions placed on live streaming in the last 90 days.

Customize your video thumbnails

You can only select from thumbnails that YouTube generates automatically if you are not verified. You may upload your own if verified.

Content ID claims

When your uploaded video matches an existing YouTube video in whole or in part, Content ID claims are made. You have the ability to dispute these claims once you are verified.

What is the Basic Contrast between Account Verification and YouTube Verification Badge?

Anyone with a valid YouTube account can get this kind of verification. YouTube will send you a verification code to your phone when you verify your account. Your account is verified after you enter the code. This allows you to access additional YouTube features. After this, you can easily buy YouTube views. This feature confirms that you are not a bot.

Channel Verification or YouTube verification Badge

The type of check is accessible to channels with 100,000 subscribers or more. If a YouTube user has this badge, they can buy YouTube views from the best sources like Buyyoutubeviews. To check your channel, you'll have to present a confirmation structure.

Your channel will then be checked by YouTube to see if it meets the requirements. This gives your channel a badge that says it has been verified, which helps people trust you.

Primary Requirements for Getting Verified on YouTube

Previously, if your channel had more than 100,000 subscribers, you could get a verification badge right away. However, a lot of other people think that a YouTube verification badge is more of an endorsement of the content than it is proof of identity. However, the verification policy of the platform was altered.

To receive a YouTube verification badge, your channel must meet the following requirements beginning in October 2019:

  • Be real, which means that your channel should show who you really are as a creator, brand, or organization.
  • You need at least 100,000 subscribers.
  • Be complete, which means having a description, a channel icon, and content on your YouTube channel.

YouTube may actively verify a channel with fewer than 100k followers. It will represent a well-known organization, brand, company, or individual.

What Is the Importance of YouTube Verification?

Verification on YouTube is necessary for the following reasons:

Verification adds value to your profile on virtually every social networking site. It substantiates two things:

  • The person is serious about sharing content on social media, which is the second and most important factor. You are considering what you will say and how you will appear on the network.
  • Any fraudulent strategy used to increase views or subscribers will eventually backfire. A channel's certification on YouTube is no longer solely based on its subscriber count.
  • Additionally, acquiring a verification badge protects your channel against being mistaken for other "fake" YouTube channels.

Your channels and theirs are identical. But, because YouTube verifies your identity, your subscribers can locate you. However, potential audiences may recognize you as a trustworthy brand!

Steps to Start Verifying Your YouTube Account

YouTube may occasionally verify a channel with fewer than 100,000 subscribers if it is "well-known outside of YouTube," although this is a rare occurrence. If a musician is well-known on other platforms, for instance, YouTube might check the authenticity of a channel that does not have a large following on the platform.

Verification of an account on YouTube is simple. Simply enter your phone number at Once you enter the verification number that YouTube will send to your phone, you will be verified!

Step 1. Meet all of the YouTube verification requirements

Verification of channels on YouTube is a little more difficult, but it can still be done. To ensure that you do not get lost, we have broken it down step by step.

Step 2. Complete the application for channel verification

Firstly congratulations on reaching 100,000 or more subscribers! You become a star on YouTube. Since we do not yet have 100,000 subscribers, our channel is not yet eligible for verification.

Step 3. Complete the application for channel verification

Include both your channel's name and ID in the application. Now click on Advanced Settings in your YouTube account, and you can find your YouTube channel ID.

Step 4. Click Submit after completing the application

Within a few weeks, YouTube will evaluate your application and respond with a decision. YouTube may take into account your identity, the content you produce, your audience, and your channel's age.

All that remains is that! You will receive a coveted YouTube verification badge, which features a checkmark next to your channel name across the platform if everything goes according to plan.

Who is Eligible to Get Verified on YouTube?

You need to be eligible in order to receive a YouTube verification badge for your channel. However, if you have the following things, you will get verified which include:

Have an extensive profile

You will require to have an active YouTube channel with a banner, description, and profile picture in order to be verified. You'll also need to post content frequently.

Be genuine

You must be who you say you are, so you shouldn't lie about your age, name, or identity. YouTube declares: The real creator, brand, or other entity that your channel claims to be must be represented. In order to assist you in proving your identity, we'll check a variety of factors, such as your channel's age.

Maintain a minimum of 100,000 subscribers

Prioritize expanding your audience if you do not yet have 100,000 subscribers. YouTube checks accounts with fewer than 100,000 subscribers on an individual basis. Now that you have your badge of verification, it is important to follow YouTube's rules to keep your account in good standing. You can even buy YouTube followers from Buyyoutubeviews. A few important things to keep in mind are:

  • Don't break the Community Guidelines or the Terms of Service
  • Keep your channel's name the same.
  • If you break these rules and change your URL or delete your channel, YouTube may take away your verification badge.

Dos and Don’ts to Avail YouTube Verification

Spammers and hustlers looking for quick cash will always try to sell you shortcuts, also known as "break-the-rules" schemes. It promises quick profits and can be found all over! When dealing with money launderers, exercise caution. Like most simple things, they seem too good to be true. To get your channel verified, it would be helpful if you met all of YouTube's requirements.

Always Use Effective Strategies

It is useful for increasing your channel's views. You need to maintain your subscribers. It is the easiest method for quickly earning a YouTube verification badge. Take into consideration these suggestions:

Be Honest about Your Content

Producing great video content to entice viewers is great, but it must be authentic and relevant. For instance, don't make your service or product sound too good to be true. Explore the workings of the company instead. Consider the scenario in which you are selling a product. In that case, tell a story about how and where the components come from.

Keep it Interactive

It is a great way to show your authenticity. You also respect people's praise and criticism. For a channel to grow, it's critical to improve your content with feedback. It would help you get people talking to you and get them to sign up for your channel.

Be Reliable

You don't need to present a video constantly or every two or three hours. However, it is recommended that you submit at least one video per week. In this way, you can build a great audience. With platforms, you can schedule videos so that you can focus on creating consistently high-quality content instead.

7 Steps to Follow to Become Eligible for YouTube Verification

If you are not yet eligible, the following steps will help you become so:

  1. Choose an excellent channel name: Make the most of this because it will be one of the first things viewers see when they visit your channel.
  2. Use a cover and profile picture that grabs attention: Check to see that they are authentic and of high quality.
  3. Produce high-quality video thumbnails: Your videos' thumbnails are like little ads. Make sure they are appealing and explain what viewers can anticipate from your content.
  4. Produce content that is engaging and shareable: The most crucial action you can take to expand your channel is this. No matter how many subscribers you have, people will still want to watch your great videos.
  5. Participate in YouTube's community: Participate in YouTube forums and groups, comment on other people's videos, and work with other creators. Try to increase your followers and buy YouTube followers from Buyyoutubeviews.
  6. Keep an eye on YouTube SEO: This can assist you in ensuring that your videos will appear more frequently in search results.
  7. Give it time: It takes time to develop a successful YouTube channel. You will eventually achieve your goal of being verified if you continue to work at it and produce content of high quality.


Becoming verified on YouTube is a significant milestone for content creators and businesses looking to establish their presence on the platform. While the verification process may seem daunting, it is well worth the effort and can bring numerous benefits to your channel.

Being verified on YouTube provides several advantages. These include gaining credibility, unlocking access to exclusive features, and building trust with your audience. You can stand up in the market among other channels. It can also open up opportunities for collaboration and monetization. Ultimately, it will help you to grow and monetize your content more effectively!

Keep striving to improve your content, engage with your viewers, and optimize your channel's performance. With dedication, consistency, and a strong understanding of your audience's preferences, you can achieve your goals on YouTube, whether you are verified or not!

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